At Definitive Healthcare, we take corporate governance very seriously. The information on this page will help you more fully understand our approach to corporate governance, as well as our key governance policies and committee charters. 

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Governance Guidelines

This document is a concise overview of our approach to corporate governance. It offers a great introduction to our rules, policies, and processes before diving into greater detail. View the guidelines

Sustainability Report

Operating sustainably plays an important role in our approach to governance. For this reason, we’re pleased to provide our 2023 sustainability report. This report covers our global operations (except where noted) for, and as of, our fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. As we continue our sustainability efforts, we remain focused on transparency and aligning ourselves with major standards for ESG reporting, with an emphasis on what we have done and are doing. Operating responsibly and being transparent to our people, mindful of our community, and respectful to the planet are core to our values as a company. Read the report

IR Sustainability